Ready prepared products

La Granda Ready started with the need to reach all those people ,   because of lack of time, didn’t want to renounce to high quality food  paying more attention to the nutritional value of meals,  eating healthy and wasting less.


“La Granda Ready” changes the concept of a “fast meal”, traditionally associated with scarce quality, substance and digestability. Our philosophy leads us to believe, due to confirmed and evident results, that food is the best way to obtain better living standards. In order to offer good food we decided to sustain agriculture that preserves nature, and follows production from  fertilization of the land where cereals and forage are grown for the same  animals that are bred. Our object is to produce less animals, adult animals, bred and consumed with respect and where each single part is valued.


A production that not only considers tenderness  the object of quality, but  flavour, environment, good retribution for the producers,  healthier dishes with natural colours, without conservatives, flavourants and colourants. La Granda changes the concepts of food: quality is not only traceability, packaging and hygiene; quality is given by the chemical composition of the product, digestability, and environmental impact. La Granda wants to obtain less waste, healthy food, improve local economy and a real and concrete aid to biodiversity.

quality is like food