The “norcino” Beppe Dho – meat and spices

La Granda cured meat originally start with a union between Beppe Dho, with his specialized butcher tradition and La Granda an innovative company in the nutritional field. Beppe Dho founds his company in 1976 at Centallo and receives the Traditional Butcher Excellence of the Piedmont Region Award in 2006.

After a long research, Sergio Capaldo meets Beppe Dho who shares his belief that quality must start from breeding and must carry on until final product. Beppe now lives in Genola, where he has become part of the La Granda family working as manager of the cured pork meat section.

The animals used are all born and bred in Italy, and the choice to use mature pork is that it needs less conservatives.

All conservatives used at La Granda are reduced to a minimum, but essential to protect meat from harmful bacteria and at the same time to protect the health of the consumer without altering the quality of the product.

All products used are natural and are flavoured with sea salt.

Also free from gluten, lactose, glutamate
and without added poliphosphates.